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Yurii Bielousov

Yurii Bielousov

Head of the War Crimes Department at the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine

Work Experience: Has been working in the field of human rights and justice, with extensive experience in government bodies, international and non-governmental organisations. 

Academic Activity: Master of Sociology and Law, PhD in Sociological Sciences. 

Research Interests: Specialises in issues related to prosecuting international crimes, investigative interviewing in the war context, management in the criminal justice system, combating human rights violations, particularly in law enforcement and penitentiary spheres. 

Consulting Activity: Has experience as a consultant and advisor in various human rights projects and programs (Council of Europe, OSCE, UN). 

Research Projects: Has led and participated in numerous research projects aimed at improving the legal system and protecting human rights. 

Education: Graduated from the National University of Internal Affairs, holds degrees of Master of Sociology and Law, and PhD in Sociological Sciences.

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